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The classy AND fun choice for group outings, birthday and holiday parties, retirement celebrations, and bachelor / bachelorette parties.

NO drunken party bus antics, NO over-crowded tours, NO watered-down beers. Guaranteed.

What guests are saying about our brew pub tours. . .

  • Kate

    A Buckeye brew hop is one of the most fun afternoons you can possibly have because of what Tammy brings in terms of the history, the relaxing time overall, and just her “Let’s get out there and have fun!” attitude.


    When Tammy passed the idea of joining her very first brew hop tour, I thought, “Why not? It’s a night out with friends on a classy pub crawl, and none of us have to worry about driving.”


    I’m the type of person who’s always running around with the same twelve people. That alone made it super easy to book a tour with Tammy. We wanted to have a great time beyond the typical sitting around on Friday nights drinking beer.

    - Katie Whistler
  • Tammy Jackson

    Before we booked a Buckeye Brew Tour, we had gone on several party buses. They’re so different from Buckeye—the goal is all about getting drunk or having a crazy bachelorette or birthday party.


    With Buckeye, it’s all about the experience. Our mindset when signing up for a tour was, “Hey, let’s check out some new brew pubs.”


    I really enjoyed my first tour, so I booked again with a group of 13 friends. The most enjoyable part was the camaraderie—going out on the town with friends, yet not having to worry about who’s driving or who’s doing what. The second time around Tammy even let us pick which breweries we wanted to visit!

    - Tammy Jackson

Meet Your Host, Tammy Zell

Wedding (2)I started Buckeye Road Trips because I got so tired of hearing that there’s nothing to do in Dayton.

With a full-fledged renaissance of craft beer taking place right here in the Miami Valley, I set out to prove the haters wrong.

Until Buckeye Road Trips, there was not a safe, easy way to visit multiple local breweries in one outing without coercing a friend to be designated driver or shelling out over $100 in cab fare.

What I love about brew pubs is that they’re more than bars–they’re community hotspots for making new friends and enjoying old ones. And our tours aren’t simply about drinking beer, they’re about sampling and savoring all the hoppy flavors our region has to offer.

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