“How much beer?”

Dayton Ohio Brewpub Tours Buckeye Road Trips Cheers3 Stops, 3 Flights, 12 Brews

And that ain’t even the half of it!

The Buckeye brew hop bus takes you to 3 different brew pubs on the afternoon thru early evening on the day of the tour (see your tour options here).

At each stop, you get to try a whole flight of the brewery’s premium in-house beers on tap. The owners of each brew pub have a special arrangement with us so we won’t have to “negotiate” for the best place in the house to sit. In fact, the beer that’s included in the price of your ticket is steeply discounted — so, if you wanted to pull some people together and hit up these brew pubs yourself, it would be way more than $65 total per person.

In other words, we’ve already taken care of everything for you.

Between stops on the brew hop bus, you get to sample the Buckeye Brew-of-the-Month. Where else but with Buckeye can you (safely and legally) drink and ride?


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